Thailand Pass scrapped for tourists and mask mandate lifted for public areas

Thailand Pass Scrapped & Mask Mandate Lifted

The Thai government made two BIG announcements yesterday as the country’s tourism industry continues to rebound after the COVID pandemic. 

Firstly, the Thailand Pass will be lifted for foreign tourists from 1 July 2022. From this date, visitors to Thailand will only need to show proof of vaccination or, if they are unvaccinated, proof of a negative ATK/PCR test within 72 hours of travel. Proof can either be digital or printed. 

Should visitors have proof of neither, they will have to pay for an ATK test to be conducted at the point of arrival. 

The country has also scrapped the requirement for travellers to have $10,000 worth of health insurance. 

Secondly, the mask mandate was dropped yesterday with immediate effect, meaning that mask wearing is now purely voluntary. However masks are still compulsory on public transport (including Bangkok’s BTS and MRT networks), and other locations such as shopping malls may still require them. 

Khiri will continue to update you on requirements throughout the region as we become aware of them. 

Thailand is open again, and the Khiri Travel Thailand team are ready to welcome your clients for an unforgettable holiday!

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