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Making tourism a force for good

As one of the leading DMCs in Asia, we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner.

At Khiri Travel, we embrace our responsibility to maximise the positive effects of tourism on individuals and local communities while minimising negative environmental and socioeconomic impacts. We enable more people to travel responsibly by developing and offering responsible travel products and solutions. We also educate and support our suppliers towards better sustainability practices.

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability/CSR policies, please, contact email: sustainability@khiri.com

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Khiri Travel's Corporate Sustainability Policies

Being a trusted destination management company (DMC) means the world to us. Over 30 years, we are devoted to keeping our travel business responsible. We commit to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and embed the sustainable tourism principles into our core business
  • Use our business position to drive sustainability within our destinations;
    Preserve our environment and continually improve our environmental performance
  • Optimize our social impact to enhance local livelihoods;
    Provide information, training, and support to our staff and external partners, to engage them towards sustainability
  • Provide sustainable information about our products to encourage our clients to opt for sustainable travel options

Khiri Travel Corporate Sustainability Policy

Khiri Travel’s Third-Party Certifications
Travelife is a training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching greater sustainability. The Travelife system aims to help DMCs, tour operators and travel agencies manage and improve social, environmental and economic impacts (the triple-bottom line) by complying with over 200 sustainability criteria.

In January 2020, Khiri Travel became the very first DMC to be Travelife certified in all destinations.

Khiri Travel's: Sustainable Supply Chain Policies

At Khiri Travel we understand that we are only as sustainable as our supply chain. We have developed guidelines and practices, in which we:

  • Only select those who are compliant with local regulations
  • Give high priority to locally established business and/or local people
  • Have zero tolerance on child labor (under 14 years old), children exploitation and/or abuse
  • Avoid working with those who disrupt the provision of basic services for local communities and/or generate negative effects on local environment
  • Give high priority to those who demonstrate commitment toward responsible and sustainable travel
  • Prefer those who agree to sign contracts in which sustainability clauses are included

We commit to support our service providers toward greater sustainability by providing training sessions, materials and knowledge when possible.

Khiri Travel Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

Khiri Travel's: Partnerships & Sponsorships

We sponsor and partner with international and local organizations to tap into their areas of expertise and to ensure we’re addressing our social and environmental impacts adequately. You can see our partner logos at the bottom of the page.

Responsible Supply Chains

Khiri Travel uses the below platforms to make positive changes in our supply chain, toward responsible and sustainable tourism.

IMPACT Vietnam
Khiri Travel is a founding member of IMPACT Vietnam, a network of committed tourism operators working for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Vietnam. IMPACT hosts networking events focusing on different aspects of Sustainable Tourism. Members work together on new sustainable initiatives and set up standards for the tourism industry.

IDSC Indonesia
Khiri Travel is a member of The Indonesian DMC Sustainability Collaboration (IDSC). IDSC designs a comprehensive set of questions to collect data on the application of sustainability and health & safety principles along supply chains of IDSC’s members.

The Responsible Hotel Assessment with Hotel Resilient
Hotel Resilient together with Khiri Travel and others have developed the Responsible Hotel Criteria that prioritize social, environmental, and economic sustainability in hotel operations. The Responsible Hotel Assessment, includes a step-in assessment designed by and adopted by Travelife Tour Operators and Travel Agents to address minimum sustainability criteria for hotels.

SWITCH ASIA – TOURLINK Project – Thailand
The main project objective is to move Thai tourism towards sustainability through a business led supply chain approach. Khiri Travel, as one of leading DMCs in Thailand, have joined the project’s DMC working group to enhance the sustainability standard along the supply chain.

Responsible Experiences


Travel Products actively conserve the environment and support the restoration of native flora and fauna at holiday destinations. While promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle in our destinations, our activities continue to educate local people about reducing their footprint and environmental impact.


Sustainable Products should have a positive impact on the local community. As our partners empower their communities about their products, simultaneously promoting the local culture and traditions while advocating social equality and supporting underprivileged or marginalized groups.

Reduction of Plastic Waste

Refill Not Landfill
Refill Not Landfill aims to reduce plastic water bottles discarded each year by encouraging the use of reusable bottles and offering free water refill stations at participating businesses and partners around the world. Khiri Travel offices in destinations, where possible, register as refill stations with Refill Not Landfill.


Khiri Travel in Sri Lanka together with travel agents to introduce reusable bottles of 4Planet during trips. This is an effort to reduce plastic wastes and preserve the ocean of Sri Lanka.

Climate Response

We plan to offset our staff business flights under the Carbon Offset Program provided by the Sustainable Travel International, in which Khiri Travel is a Guardian Member.


We continue measuring the energy use in our offices and looking for solutions to reduce carbon footprints. We encourage our staff to use low-impact transportation, purchase energy efficient office equipment and save electricity as much as we can.

The majority of the Carbon Offset Fees included in the client itineraries will be used for social and environmental initiatives vetted by Khiri top management and organized through Khiri Reach. Khiri Reach is the independent charity arm of Khiri Travel. It was registered in 2007 and operates as a social platform in which people and local grassroot organizations can collaborate to create positive change across Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia.


Environmental Awareness

Global Climate Pledge 2023

The Global Climate Pledge is an inspiring, ambitious new movement inviting all to take climate action and come together in an exciting step toward a promising future! We have signed the pledge as a business organization and encouraged our staff to do the same at individual level.

Global Climate Pledge Document

Wild Gibbons in Thailand National Park

Animal Welfare Policy

The Global Standards for Animals in Tourism involve ‘Five Freedoms’ to ensure that animals in tourism are treated with respect. Khiri Travel is gradually assessing wildlife/animal related excursion providers and only work with those who ensure these five freedoms:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  4. Freedom to express normal behavior
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

Khiri Travel Animal Welfare Policy

Stop the Wildlife Products Trade

Khiri Travel does not support the purchase of any animals or animal products, especially endangered species, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or CITES, such as:

• Sea shells, corals, turtles, turtle shells, starfish, sea urchins, snails
• Fur or skins
• Rhino horn, ivory or pangolin scales
• Traditional medicines containing parts or products of endangered species
• Food products or medicinal products: shark fin soup, turtle soup, snake/tiger/pangolin whiskey, snake blood, bear bile, tiger bone wine, dog/cat meat.

Khiri Travel – Forbidden Souvenirs Guidelines

Too Rare To Wear
Khiri Travel joins and sponsors Too Rare To Wear, a coalition of tourism businesses, conservation organizations, and media organizations educating travelers about the trade in turtle shell souvenirs and how to avoid them.

Child Safe Tourism

Khiri Travel has always supported children protection across our business operations.

Starting from 2023, we re-confirm our commitment by becoming the Childsafe Star Partner with the Child Safe Movement organization. The partnership is going to help us build strong children protection within the company and develop travel products that have the best impacts on children. Every staff member in our company will get trained on children’s issues in tourism and know how to react to them.


Communities include every member of our teams as well as our local partners and local communities at the destinations where we operate.
We comply with the standard of relevant national and international labor laws in all destinations. We make sure there is no child labor or forced labor at any level within Khiri Travel. We provide fair and equal opportunities for our staff. We set targets to make our offices safer, healthier and greener, for every one benefit.

We are constantly supporting and implementing initiatives which could make our destinations a better place than they were.

Khiri Policy on People Interactions


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