Khiri Travel aims to maximize the positive effects of tourism on individuals and local communities while minimizing negative social, environmental,

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The Icons of Khiri

Khiri Travel aims to maximize the positive effects of tourism on individuals and local communities while minimizing negative social, environmental, and economic impacts. We have made a firm commitment to social and environmental sustainability throughout our supply chain. We also ensure that our products don’t harm people or the planet. 

Khiri Travel has gone a step further to make your choice easier: we have introduced two icons, People and Planet. You might have seen those two little icons on your itineraries already, or you may recognize these icons from our NGO arm: Khiri Reach. We highlight all experiences which actively benefit local communities or the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

Introducing these icons does not mean that our other products are not responsible. We always make sure to protect our environment and treat local communities with respect. The icons simply highlight experiences that have an added deep and meaningful positive impact on our destinations.

Having these two classifications and our guidelines help our travel design teams focus on designing new and innovative responsible programs for you. Additionally, it will be much easier for our team members to recommend great responsible travel options. In all our destinations, we have a selection of responsible products ready to go.

We may not have a very long list now, but we are very diligent when assessing our excursions; the ones with the icons genuinely make a difference. We pledge your travels will have a positive impact on our destinations. 

What does the ‘People Icon’ mean?

The ‘People Icon’ highlights travel experiences which have a positive impact on the local community. We empower these communities by creating experiences for the travelers who visit. Simultaneously they are promoting their local culture & traditions while advocating social equality and supporting underprivileged or marginalized groups. Programs, for example, include a visit to a vocational training restaurant or social enterprise, supporting the disadvantaged, and providing employment for those in need. 

You might have the opportunity to join a workshop by an NGO or support differently-abled people, marginalized groups, women, or disadvantaged communities. Your visit can bring additional benefits to local families, who might use the extra income to send their kids to school, build a new house or get the medical treatment they need. 

Khiri Travel People Icon

Let’s look at some of our products with the People icon!

The Panorama Hike to Senaru in Lombok offers you a great opportunity to see the beautiful mountains area while supporting a good cause! The New Zealand government organized a project to train local women in Lombok to become guides. During this fascinating, easy hike, one of the ladies will be your guide.

You will enjoy some fantastic views while walking along local trails through bamboo forests. It will eventually bring you into a landscape of picturesque rice terraces. On the way, you will visit several traditional villages and learn more about the colorful life of the Sasak people. The indigenous inhabitants of Lombok. The walk will end at a waterfall called Sendang Gila, where you can cool down with a dip.

You will be accompanied by the woman’s local guide, which NGO trained during this tour. This training helps them get a better experience for their future jobs and needs.

The Different Facets Of Vang Vieng, Laos… You will be introduced to Vang Vieng and its different facets. Your day will start with a leisurely kayaking trip on the Nam Song River. You will find stunning cast stone formations along the way. After about 2 hours, you will reach a local Khamu village where a welcoming family invites you to have a typical Khamu lunch in the family’s garden. Here you will also learn the traditions and culture of animism practiced by many ethnic minorities in Laos. 

After spending some time chatting with the family, you will also be learning how the local rice wine, “Lao Hai,” is produced. From here, you will continue to one of the neighbors who is a knife smith. Here it is time to forge your personalized knife, using techniques that have been used for generations. Definitely, a unique memory to take back home! 

Later in the afternoon, your guide will lead you through rice paddies to a cave on the other side of the river. On the way back to the village, you will be taking a rest in one of the local rice huts. This is a great opportunity to try some rice wine while learning more about the importance of agriculture in Laos. 

What does the Planet Icon mean?

The ‘Planet Icon’ highlights experiences which actively conserve the environment and support the restoration of native flora and fauna at the visitors’ destinations. While promoting eco-friendly lifestyles in our destinations. Our activities continue to educate local people about reducing their footprint and environmental impact. 

Our tour might bring you to animal rescue centers or sanctuaries, which educate visitors and locals. Like about the importance of conservation and protection of certain species and ensure the care of animals in need. Other products might aim to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling actively: fun activities, workshops, or educational tours could focus on. For example, organic farming or the reduction of waste in our destinations. 

And whenever possible, we offer you tours by walking or biking only to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  

Khiri Travel Planet Icon

And now, let’s look at some of our products with the Planet icon!

In Vietnam, you have the incredible opportunity to meet Ms. Hanh! 

As the Green Youth Collective leader, Hanh has been working closely with local villagers. She help set up and organize community-run organic farming spaces and a project to protect and rebuild riverbanks that have become eroded during the annual rainy season.

Her own project at An Nhien Farm focuses primarily on sustainable gardening, low-impact communal living, and youth education. Located in a small peaceful riverside village, the farm is within easy reach of Hoi An’s Old Quarter.

Ms. Hanh is a wonderfully knowledgeable person when it comes to matters of sustainable farming – so much so that when you arrive at the farm. You may not want to leave this stunning location and its idyllic setting!

If you are interested in sustainable living and preservation, then a personal tour and chat with Ms. Hanh will be a truly memorable experience. 

Phuket’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Gibbons and Mangroves. Meet your guide and transfer from your Phuket mainland hotel to the northeast of Phuket, a part of the island that has remained largely untouched. In fact, the only surviving track of rainforest is located here at the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary. Amid this lush jungle is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center, a private enterprise that aims to reintroduce gibbons back into the wild. Many of the gibbons at the center were used as ‘props’ for tourists to take photos with. Some have been poorly treated by their illegal owners. 

Your visit supports the protection and conservation of these incredible creatures. We then hike up to the Bang Pae Waterfall and from there head to Bang Rong, a small Muslim community on the northeast coast where you will almost certainly see monkeys in the mangroves or on the road to the pier. 

Let us know if you would like to find out more. Our dedicated travel specialist can help you find the perfect itinerary for you!


For more details, please feel free to contact us at or visit Khiri Sustainability 

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