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Category: Inspirations

20 April 2022
Adventure Travel, Inspirations, Khiri Travel Indonesia
Train journey in Indonesia
Train travel provides an ideal way to experience the local culture and observe the amazing nature. ‘Stasiun Jakarta Kota’ to ...
1 February 2022
Inspirations, Press Releases, Responsible
Responsible Icons: People & Planet
Khiri Travel aims to maximize the positive effects of tourism on individuals and local communities while minimizing negative ...
1 February 2022
Culinary, Inspirations, Responsible
Vocation Training in Southeast Asia
The Asian cuisine is definitely one of the reasons to visit one of the Khiri destinations – Thai Currys, Vietnamese Pho, Indo...
24 January 2022
Inspirations, Responsible
The Elephant in the Room
Over the past 25 years, the rapid increase in tourism in South East Asia has had a huge effect on the demand for elephant-rel...