A culinary journey around one of Bangkok’s most notorious neighbourhoods

Last year we launched a new tour introducing travellers to Bangkok’s infamous – but in reality, very safe and friendly – Khlongtoey ‘slum’ district, including a tour of the food market and a cooking class at the world famous Cooking with Poo school.

Whilst many Bangkokians see Khlongtoey as a no-go area, it’s actually one of the most fascinating and diverse parts of the city, with a multicultural heritage that has given rise to a highly varied food culture.

This video from chef, restaurateur & vlogger Adam Gottschalk from his excellent OTR Food & History Youtube channel dives deep into the slums to meet some of its culinary leading lights, as well as shed some light on the area’s origins and its uncertain future.

If you’d like to offer a similar experience for your clients, please contact us – our team will be happy to arrange a cooking class with Poo and also introduce them to this fascinating part of the city!

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