Sustainable Asia DMC Khiri Travel is ready to wow the travel trade again at WTM London, Further East in Bali & Mekong Tourism Forum in Vietnam

Meet the Khiri Team During Trade Show Season

After a difficult two and half years, Khiri Travel has emerged, not just standing, but more confident and enthusiastic about tourism prospects in Asia than ever before. We have regrouped, reassessed and reimagined ourselves. With many new travel products and a new platform, we are ready to deliver amazing DMC services in some of the world’s greatest destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Maldives.

Our management team, with some new faces, are raring to meet you at WTM in London (7-9 November), Further East in Bali (7-10 November), and MTF, near Hoi An, Vietnam, 12-13 October.

One message that Khiri management will be emphasizing at these shows, is that Khiri is more committed than ever to sensible, practical steps in sustainable and responsible tourism. As a sustainable Asia DMC we are offering ‘carbon friendly’ travel options and creative itineraries that embrace ‘slow’ travel – i.e. the ability to stay longer, go deeper, and have a more contemplative travel experience. You can find out more about each show and arrange to meet us by clicking the links below.

With all of the economies in Southeast Asia highly dependent on tourism, host communities are more than ready to welcome guests into their villages, temples, shops and restaurants.

Indeed, in less economically developed destinations such as Laos and Cambodia, the dependence of local communities on the return of tourism is even more pronounced. They simply want to put rice in their rice bowl again. You can help them do that.

Sri Lanka has also been in the news recently. But even here, travel advisories are being lifted as the desire to attract visitors takes priority.

Assessing the overall tourism picture in Asia, Willem Niemeijer, Founder of Khiri Travel, said: “The return of tourism is more necessary than ever. We need it to bring back a decent living for communities who have been starved of income and are facing increases in the cost of everyday essentials.”

Without funds for over two years, nature projects need help too. “In many areas in the region, tourism has supported nature conservation,” said Niemeijer. “Income from ecotourism is often a bulwark against illegal forest encroachment and wildlife hunting. It’s more than time for responsible nature tourism to return,” he said.

Furthermore, with fewer tourists and fewer crowds, compared to 2019, the timing is right to enjoy places such as Angkor Wat and Halong Bay – and all in a uniquely ‘Khiri’ way that makes the experience more memorable compared to that offered by other DMCs.

Of course the travel industry has some headwinds to face, both on the demand and supply side. However, we believe that travel industry realities are in a much better place than anytime in the last two and half years. We are once again more than positive about tourism in Asia.

We look forward to sharing our passion for discovery with you once more. Please engage with us to help your clients’ travel dreams come true.

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